DACA reform should go before voters

Trump Immigration Legal Challenge-3

After decades of angst and political histrionics over immigrants entering the country illegally and elusive reform, change still eludes America. The country has actually been closer than ever to come to grips with the need to enact comprehensive immigration reform. Congress, again, appears ready to...


Send in The Clowns

While much of the civilized world watched with intense interest as leaders of the USA and North Korea met to explore the possibility of peace another segment of the population were treated to three hours of prime time TV entertainment as the theatrical elitist gathered for yet another presentation...


Lesser of two evils and immigration

I've been talking a bit with family and friends about the current immigration problems, including the horrific family separation at the border. Here are some examples of justification I am hearing: "We don't have the whole picture," "What about human trafficking? We have to separate adults and...


Keep track of your pets

My wife and I are dog lovers, as are many, many other people. That said, please dog lovers and owners, keep track of your beloved pets. As we travel back and forth on the streets and roads between Ogden and Salt Lake, we see dogs on the loose, roaming in the streets and trying to dodge traffic. We...


Real enemy is those in power

A snopes.com fact check found Trump’s claim that existing immigration laws required separation of children from parents is false. The separation of children at the border is a result of a change in policy made in May by the Trump administration. The objective of this policy change is...


Why the only answer is to break up the biggest Wall Street banks

Robert Reich

Federal bank regulators are proposing to allow Wall Street more freedom to make riskier bets with federally insured bank deposits -- such as the money in your checking and savings accounts. Watch your wallets. The new proposal waters down the so-called "Volcker Rule" (named after former Federal...


Take critical look at charitable foundation abuse

Clinton Foundation

New York’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump and his charitable foundation, accusing them of using money illegally to help his businesses and political campaign. Whether the action has any merit remains to be seen. But while we are thinking of abuses...

Guest Commentary

Church, state and the golden rule


Could the golden rule be the common denominator among those who believe the United States was founded as a Christian nation and those who believe in strict separation of church and state? Let’s see. Few issues today create more controversial religious discussion than the issue of...


Ogden needs realistic ideas to advance

(The June 3 Stanard-Examiner) was an excellent study in two visions for improving the economy in Ogden, one that helps consultants and developers get richer, and one that helps actual people. Consultant Stuart Reid’s apparently unpublicized study, for which he was paid $187,500 of taxpayer...


Progressives Save the GOP

Erick Erickson

I have been pretty critical of the Republican Party even though I was, for a time, an elected Republican. I criticized George W. Bush vocally for being what some branded a "big government conservative." Under Bush, the size and scope of the federal government grew at a reckless rate, not for war,...

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